Wonderful 2017! Let’s shop for vitamins

I finally submitted my thesis for viva in the 1st weeks of 2017, which makes me feeling really good and relief, although the status of submitted paper reverted back to “under review” again (it’s the third time!). So sorry for those reviewers and editors, they must be having a hard time assessing the paper and being indecisive or went through some arguments.

OK. Since i decided to go for IVF, i want to make sure my body is in its best condition prior to the treatment. Besides, Mr. J needs to top up his vitamin as well, because the profortil comes with only 1-month supply. So i started to survey on Google. Previously i heard of good reviews from Fertilaid for Men in TTC group, so his vitamin is chosen. Comes to mine, i was having headache as there are too many prenatal vitamins in the market and i didn’t know which is the best. Glad that Google helps me with this list found here. Right before that, i actually ordered Deva prenatal in 11street.my on 15th Dec 2016 and it arrived super late on 9th Jan 2017. So, i decided to place an order for other vitamin on iHerb.com, together with Jess’s vitamin, before receiving Deva from previous purchase. You must be curious why i didn’t opt for the top ranked vitamin, it is too expensive than others, despite yeah, its natural ingredients. I bought Nature Made prenatal which costs less than Rm100 for 250 tablets! Enough to cover more than 6 months. Of course not merely the cost, the reviews look good as well.



Author: lcchien86

I am a happy person who can cherish the people around me. Unfortunately, the positiveness can't reach deep inside me. I am not used to show or share my sorrowfulness with others and usually, i struggle by myself.

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