BIG surprise on TVS SD11

Today, as usual, i registered and went up to GH gynae for TVS SD11. The TVS today was carried out by Dr N, who is the gynae trained back in UK and the one decided to prescribed foliculin to me. But, comes to my surprise, some of my follicles grown up to 15mm, which enables me to continue with IVF! Dr N expects that i will have 5-7 matured follicles during occyte pick up. God, i am so thankful to receive such as good news after two days full of sadness.

The occytes-pick up is scheduled 2 days later. I have to go to the nearby GH to get my HCG trigger shot done. This time, the trigger shot have to be injected into buttock instead of tummy likes IUI, their explanation is, slim people likes me (happy to hear!) have less fat at the tummy and the shot might not be effective. Maybe i was too overwhelmed by the news, i forgot to head to Gribbles for blood test. Luckily i was suddenly reminded of this, drove for 30 minutes again to town. I reached by 3.40pm, fuhhh thanks God they open until 5pm. I am so happy and this couldn’t even affect my mood.

By 9.30am, i started to get myself showered, brought the insulator bag containing the meds and ice-pack, then heading to nearby GH. The injection has to be injected at 10am sharp. Maybe Mr J’s grandmom was here during her last day, the beep rhythm from the heart-rate monitoring system annoyed me and made me a litttle panicked. After injection, i was told to lie down for 10 minutes before leaving the hospital.

After that, i went to the opposite 7e and bought a heated nasi lemak, headed back and watching drama while eating. These past 2 days are likes heaven, i did what i wanted, a routine of sleep, eat, play, drama which i believed is the reason behind my sudden fast-growing follicles. I treated myself so good and they were happy as well!

So whoever read this post is in the middle of IVF/IUI treatment, the best trick to get your follcies grow nicely, is to give yourself a good life. Chin up! We can do it!


Author: lcchien86

I am a happy person who can cherish the people around me. Unfortunately, the positiveness can't reach deep inside me. I am not used to show or share my sorrowfulness with others and usually, i struggle by myself.

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