Egg retrieval and embryo transfer

On 1st Feb, i arrived around 7.30am and it was still early.  Mr.J helped me to register and we entered the infertility unit. I was prepared with a set of clothes and a small towel. I as then informed that there will be two couples in front of me and my queue should be 10am and i was way early than expected. Still nevermind, i prepared early.

The 2nd couple arrived 8am which i heard complaints from the staffs. They didn’t fill the form beforehand and still busy to get semen sample. The 1st couple even later, still didn’t fill the form, while i was the one who relaxed on my bed, patiently wait for my turn.

At 9am, Dr S can’t wait for them no more, so i jumped queue to be the 1st for egg retrieval. Out of sudden, my heart beat so fast, i was so nervous to finally enter the operation theater. Then, they started the process by injecting the seduction into my vein, i slowly losing consciousness. However, i can still feel that something was repeatedly and forcefully be pushed into my vagina and pulled out.

It took around 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish. Total of 8 eggs were retrieved. Thanks God. I opened my eyes when the process finished and woke up in recovery room, Mr J came to me after 5 minutes. Feel painful at abdominal, still can’t drink or eat. Then i rest for an hour. I was allowed to go back to my mom’s house at around 2pm.

The next day, i received call from embryologist. Out of 8, 2 was abnormal, 1 unmatured, 5 was injected, only 3 managed to survive until day 2. So the transfer was scheduled on 3rd Feb.

Arrived at the clinic on Friday, got myself changed up to patient attire. Before embryo transfer, they showed us our 4-cells embryos, incredible my babies. Then, 2 was transferred (1 grade A and 1 grade B), 1 grade B was discarded. Then, i was asked to rest on bed for 2 hours before go back home.


Author: lcchien86

I am a happy person who can cherish the people around me. Unfortunately, the positiveness can't reach deep inside me. I am not used to show or share my sorrowfulness with others and usually, i struggle by myself.

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