Ready for IVF!

Yesterday, a faint line i got from cheap upt almost got me insane, and this morning, damn, spotting already! Got cheated again! It’s ok, i kinda scare to get my hope up before that, knowing all our condition and J is just having half-month of vitamin, seems impossible to boost up everything that quick. Somehow i know my body is doing her job, since few months ago, my cycle had been shorten to beautiful 28-30 days, i am more than happy. This month, i have to stay comfortably excited, ready for the big flow, yeah! another cycle! Ready to ring the GH in anytime.

You must be wondering, as i mentioned i wanted to go for IVF with Dr. Prashant. That was my previous decision. Somehow, weighing the both pros and cons, especially the time and money for regular travel to KL, i think that, why not i try in GH, if they allowed me to start immediately in Jan. As Jess also advised that way, i was given two time subsidized-IVF by GH, why not? She was so frustrated with them though, due to some problems and how busy is the senior specialist and literally wasted her a-year time, at least she tried. Yeah, i should try also. Anyway, i would not know what awaits me in the future. The plan might get changed any time.

Just 30 minutes ago, while i was writing this post, i sensed some flow down there, AHA! i thought the flow started, so i went to the bathroom and got myself showered. BUT, it was just watery and some brownish mucus, not yet, so I guess it’s tomorrow. Luckily, if it starts tomorrow, then GH still possible to catch up on Sunday, FYI, IVF starts on CD2-3.

Please treat me good in 2017, Dear God.



Wonderful 2017! Let’s shop for vitamins

I finally submitted my thesis for viva in the 1st weeks of 2017, which makes me feeling really good and relief, although the status of submitted paper reverted back to “under review” again (it’s the third time!). So sorry for those reviewers and editors, they must be having a hard time assessing the paper and being indecisive or went through some arguments.

OK. Since i decided to go for IVF, i want to make sure my body is in its best condition prior to the treatment. Besides, Mr. J needs to top up his vitamin as well, because the profortil comes with only 1-month supply. So i started to survey on Google. Previously i heard of good reviews from Fertilaid for Men in TTC group, so his vitamin is chosen. Comes to mine, i was having headache as there are too many prenatal vitamins in the market and i didn’t know which is the best. Glad that Google helps me with this list found here. Right before that, i actually ordered Deva prenatal in on 15th Dec 2016 and it arrived super late on 9th Jan 2017. So, i decided to place an order for other vitamin on, together with Jess’s vitamin, before receiving Deva from previous purchase. You must be curious why i didn’t opt for the top ranked vitamin, it is too expensive than others, despite yeah, its natural ingredients. I bought Nature Made prenatal which costs less than Rm100 for 250 tablets! Enough to cover more than 6 months. Of course not merely the cost, the reviews look good as well.


The first ever private gynaecologist visit

This month marks my 30th months of trying to conceive and the last month of 2016. How i tried hard for not even mention my age, 30. When i was in early 20’s, i wished to become a mother in age of 25. Then the plan changed after got married in 2013. We stayed cool for the following year since i had to come to the final stage of PhD before starting my ttc journey. I finally off protection in June 2014. However after 6 months, nothing happened and i started to get worried and wondering maybe i have some fertility problems. Then, i began to read lots and lots of information and gained knowledge about baby making. Things didn’t went well until end of 2015, in which i decided to seeking helps from general hospital.

After two failed IUI’s and i am getting too much impatient, IVF seems to be the only way to make my dream comes true. Despite GH is offering much cheaper IVF, i don’t want to risk the long and suffering IVF with them, because most of the time i met with different doctors, either junior MO that are obviously lack of experience or senior gynae, most importantly due to that, they always missed some crucial information and i need to repeat the medical history to them again and again. However, i am very thankful to them, it’s not their fault, as GH is serving more patients and it’s hard for them too.

So, after reading some of the blogs and reviews, i decided for a day trip to KL fertility centre in Damansara heights for Dato Dr Prashant. As stated in the website, he has more than 20 years of experience in treating infertility. I booked the appointment a week earlier, arrived an hour earlier as Mr J said, we might get to see him earlier. Not intentionally, just we came by morning flight and we got nowhere to go.  Upon arrival, we were asked to fill in the registration form, of course, it was our first appointment. And just to save time and money, i brought along the blood hormonal report, Mr J’s semen analysis and a piece of paper which i wrote my own past treatments (lol likes i am my own MO).

He first carried out TVS (transvaginal screening) as i mentioned i have polycystic ovaries, just diagnosed with it after a year with GH, arghhhh. He insisted i have PCOS, which i firmly said no, because i ovulate every month with regular cycle plus normal blood hormonal level, he finally believes me after i said  i kept track of my menstrual cycle for 2 years with basal body temperature and OPKs (yeah i am a DESPERATE woman who did everything just to get a baby bump).

Then, Dr was curious why i can’t get pregnant if my body is working good (thanks MOM). Pity Mr J, he was asked to do semen analysis again, because the previous SA was done in Pathlab and the measurement was outdated. Hehe i foreseen this and strictly no intercourse within 4 days before the appointment, this is the power of reading! With an uneasy face, he finally passed up the specimen and we went for lunch.

After an hour, we came back for the result. As expected, his swimmers is not progressive and mostly grade 1 and 2 (look up here), similar to results obtained from GH during the IUI’s. Sadly, Dr said very least can be done to improve the quality and extends that the swimmers would not survive in my body for few days. He then added it’s a right decision to move on to IVF.

As we came out from the room, i can see the teary eyes of Mr J, i know he is heartbreaking and hardly deal with the fact that he was the one who contributed to our infertility. I comforted him, said that we are lucky to be financially affordable and IVF can definitely bypass the problem we faced. Mr J was prescribed with Profortil to improve the sperm quality and contraceptives for me in case i can’t manage to come during day 2 of next cycle.

Total cost for today was RM833. The IVF package costs RM17,560 with additional costs such as RM1600 for ICSI, few thousands for extra embryos freezing and thawing, which we expect to spare at most RM30k for the whole process. i am actually grateful everything goes as planned, Dr mentioned i am ready for IVF without additional tests. Let’s hope that the IVF goes smooth and silky.